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Make correction as follows:
 Box shows WM--(Walter Holder) - Correct name should be
Will Monteleone

Box not shows
FS - Fred Simerka 

                                    Score and Game Winner

                1 Games                                 2 Games
         JAGUARS vs TEXANS                               TEXANS vs BENGALS

                     3 Games                                  4 Games
       PATRIOTS vs TEXANS                                TITANS vs TEXANS  

                    5 Games                                   6 Games
TEXANS vs CHIEFS                                 BROWNS VS TEXANS 

                    7 Games                                    8 Games
TEXANS VS SEAHAWS                                 COLTS vs TEXANS

                      9 Games                                       10 Games
          TEXANS vs LA RAMS                        Cardinals vs Texans

                 11 Games                                       12 Games
TEXANS VS RAVENS                         TEXANS VS TITANS

13 Games                                        14 Games 
49ERS vs TEXANS                      TEXANS VS JAGUARS

15 Games                                         16 Games
VS TEXANS                    TEXANS VS COLTS
AFC Champion                          NFC Champion
Jaguars vs Patriots                       Vikings vs Eagle
Super Bowl LII


                     2018 NFL BRACKET

Winners of the wild cards playoff will move to the AFC/NFC Divisional Challenge Brackets
Feel free to label in the winner of the wild card into the Divisional bracket.

There are 13 pages within the Brackets - please click below
and be sure to print it all..

                       NFL BRACKET BOOK



   Wildcard Bracket No.1                 Wildcard Bracket No.2
       Bills vs Jaguars                       Falcon vs La Rams

  Wildcard Bracket No. 3            Wildcard Bracket No.4
       Titans vs Chief                         Panthers vs Saints

   Divisional Bracket No 5               Divisional Bracket No .6
       Titans vs Patriots                           Falcons vs Eagles

   Divisional Bracket No. 7              Divisional Bracket No. 8
      Jaguars vs Steelers                          
Saints vs Vikings
AFC Champion                            NFC Champion
        Jaguars vs Patriot                          Vikings vs Eagle
                               Super Bowl LII

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