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Tournament Report
March 18, 2017
Sam Rayburn Lake
Weather: Pretty Sunny/Cloudy
                Windy - 5 mph (south/southeast)

Fishing Report: 6 Fishermen enter Tournament
                            1st Place Mike Clifton caught two bass and             
                             weight total 6.40 lbs. (Crawdad..brown/ornge and

                            2nd Place Carey Clark caught one bass and weight
                             total 1.73 lbs(Rainbow Spinnerbait)
                            3rd Place Larry Fewell caught one bass and
                             weight total 1.42 l ( YUM Dinger..Green melon
                              seed senko)                     

                                                          Mike Clifton
                                                   Length 20 5/8

                                                  Weight 4.55 lbs

                                 Mike Clifton       Carey Clark        Larry Fewell
                                2 bass 6.40 lbs    1 bass 1.73 lbs    1 bass 1.42 lbs 
                                                        HBCD Fishermen

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