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2017 Hurricane Harvey Relief hurricane_logoDonations

The Southeast areas of Texas has been heavy impacted by Hurricane Harvey recently. It left a devasting damages and flooding to business, nursing homes, and residential.  This left a major impact to most people that are being placed in shelters. The loss is substantial and they need items, etc. to get them going.  Donations are pouring in and most requested where monies can be send to.  Houston Bass Club of the Deaf, Inc. has been focusing on the Houston and its outside surrounding areas. Two organizations that you can contribute are Houston Bass Club of the Deaf, Inc.  or the other new formed named group called 2017 Hurricane Harvey Deaf Survivors. You can check out their link at youcaring.com and search for "Deaf Hurricane Survivors".  This should lead you there. The choice are yours!!

Houston Bass Club of the Deaf, Inc. has prepared a form for you to print out and mail it to the attention of our Treasurer, Joe Radwanski.  He will provide you a tax receipt and along with our Tax-Deductible EIN.

We at Houston Bass Club of the Deaf, Inc. generously thank you from the bottom of our heart for your donation to support and help out to the need of the impacted people.

Thank You!



Thanks to the Lists of Donors for their contributions

Name:                                                                             State:                                     

1.  Deaf West Out Club   ($100.00)                                           North Dakota
2.  Mitchel Bien  ($250.00)                                                        Texas
3.  Brian Hennessey ($150.00)                                                   Pennsylvania
4.  Oklahoma City Assoc of the Deaf ($200.00)                        Oklahoma
5.  Oklahoma City Senior Citizen Assoc. o/t Deaf ($200.00)    Oklahoma
6.  John/Pearl Rosales ($300.00)                                                Texas



Houston Bass Club of the Deaf Executive Board showed up at Woodhaven Baptist Church to turn in $300.00 worth of needed supplies to the Hurricane Harvey Deaf Survivors Relief Shelter. In turn, we thanked the tireless volunteers for their time working through this efforts. They are the "heart" to see this through.

Houston Bass Club of the Deaf made another contribution to the American Red Cross in the amount of $200.00. This will help go toward the need of impacted people. 


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